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Service Plans - What we do at de Bruin Chartered Accountants Ltd 

What everyone gets 
  • Income tax returns – preparation and filing with the IRD.
  • Tax reminders and ensuring you pay your tax on time or receive all entitled refunds. 
  • Annual financial statements, minutes and documentation. 
  • A written commentary and explanations around the financial statements. 
  • If required, an annual face to face business review, to discuss annual financial statements, results and the year ahead. 
  • Regular newsletters.

What you can add to the basics
  • GST Returns – preparation and filing of your GST returns with the IRD.

  • Monthly management reports – enables monitoring of business performance. Can be tailored to your business needs (could be a cash flow, actuals v budgets, include financial KPI's, full set of accounts)

  • Regular updates and advice around tax and business issues.

  • Regular reviews of income and formulation of a tax plan that fits with current business Income.

  • Tax advice – if we do not know the answer in house then we have access to people who will know.

  • Dairy Base. Entering level one data, producing financial reports and then explaining them to you.

  • Producing other farm and business statistics and KPI's and then explaining them to you - either annually or on a more regular basis. Helping you use the information to track critical success factors in your business.

  • Budgeting – helping you establish realistic cash flows or full financial budgets to assist with running your business. Helping you revise these regularly and monitor against actual results.

  • Strategic Planning and or an Annual Business Plan – Helping you determine where you want your business to go and then formulating a plan to get you there.

  • Helping you work with other business and farm advisors. Attending meetings with your bank manager, consultant or lawyer.

  • Working with you on a business or property purchase or sale.

  • Succession planning – helping you work through 'passing it on' to the next generation.

Financial Management

Maybe if you are going overseas for a holiday then we can help while you are away 
  • Paying your bills.
  • Managing bank accounts.
  • Clearing mail.

  • Preparing wages and paying online from timesheets.
  • Keeping records of holiday pay and sick leave.
  • Calculating one off pays and PAYE amounts.
  • Employment Contracts.
  • Dealing with the monthly PAYE summary and payments to IRD.


  • Checking invoices for correct amounts and categories.
  • Applications for Cover Plus Extra.
  • Setting up arrangements for payment.
  • All liaison with ACC.

Company and Trust administration 
  • Keeping all statutory records and registers for companies.
  • Management of company records at the Companies Office.
  • Maintaining all registers and records for trusts.
  • Maintaining trustee and director and shareholder minute books.
  • Risk review of trusts and companies.
Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including income tax returns, annual financial statements, GST Returns, monthly management reports and more...

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